The dwellers of Adzitem in the Central Region were taking through a health education and screening program on April 15th, 2017 at about 1pm. The screening was to aid the children, youth and the aged realize their health status with regards to Malaria, Sugar level, BP, BMI and other form of diseases and its prevention and treatment.
In a discussion with the Chief of the village, he said he and his elders are very happy about our visit to their village and the good news we brought to them. He was impressed at how You at Heart Foundation has thought about them, their environment, the children, the youth the aged and their health. He was happy about the education we gave the children, and our generosity towards them at large which he beliefs would encourage them to study and take education seriously. However, his major concerns were;
1.    The bad drainage system in the town which leads to flooding whenever there is a heavy down pour of rains.
2.    He also mentioned lack of jobs in the village which has made most of the youth move to Accra.
3.    He also touched on poverty and how must of them struggle to put food on the table.
4.    He also complained about farm lands that have been abounded since the youth are no longer interested in farming.

The goal of the screening and education was to help the village folks know their health, which will translate into an improved standard of living. This as a result will help the community and the nation at large.
The screening held seeks to achieve the following:
·    Enlighten the inhabitants on the need for a healthy living.
·    The need for the children to take their education seriously.
·    Know what their  potentials are and how to perfect it
·    Make them understand the need to keep their surroundings clean.
·    The various ways by which they can avoid contracting malaria, diarrhea, typhoid, etc.
·    How parents can handle minor health issues with the use of First Aids.
A total of 698 people were screened and educated
We had 16 cases with malaria, 1 case of Otitis Media, 1 lump in breast case (Priscilla Addo 15 years old) and 1 case of high blood pressure. The cases of malaria and Otitis Media were directed to Winneba hospital for treatment.  The case of lump in breast was also handled by You At Heart Foundation, from the scanning through surgery and discharge of the patient. The bills were all paid by the foundation including the case of high blood pressure.

The volunteers for the health screening were Nana Kontor, Nana Oduro, Ebenzer, Gyamera, Obed, Ibrahim, David, Maxwell, Rexford, Alvin, Melvin, Benard, James, Winifred and Samuel.

Participants Expectation
The expectations at the end of the health screening are;
·    To acquire knowledge about how to address minor health issues
·    To learn new ideas on how to keep their environs clean to avoid diseases
·    To learn about healthy living.
·    The need to have a formal education and be well educated.
Methodology Used
The following Methodologies were used during the screening process;
·    Presentation
·    Discussions and Illustrations
·    Questions and answers

The lessons learnt inhabitants at the end of the health training/screening are as follows;
·    How to handle their environs to prevent themselves from Malaria and any other related diseases.
·    How to manage minor health issues at the home before receiving medical attention at the nearest health center.
·    How to cultivate the habit of a healthy living.
·    The impact of healthy living on their future lives.
·    How an individual can avoid Malaria, High Blood Pressure and other health related issues.
Observation and Recommendation:
We recommend that more of such trainings/screening should be organized for the people. This will help them to remain committed to healthy living
We say a big thank you to our President and board members, Teach for Growth, Desire to Inspire, Djmensah and Igiveon for partnering us to make this project a success. And a big thank you to all the volunteers who made this project a success too.