Hello team, it’s been a year-long break from the very last project we had in December 2021 to impact the lives of the people in Offinso-Amaning in the Ashanti Region.

Thus, the hunger and enthusiasm this project dubbed “Love for Obawale” was approached with, until its final execution is commendable.

The community and their challenges were brought to the attention of the Alpha team of our organization by a team from Delta Paper Mill and Nana Tiah Ampem Darkoa, Mawerehemma of Apirede Akuapem, who doubles as the founder of Nana Tiah Ampem Darkoa Foundation.

After scouting the community early this year, the Alpha team was certain that the Obawale community needed our help due to the sorry state of their school block and place of convenience.

Another heart-wrenching discovery was their source of drinking water, which was only not potable but served as the source of water for livestock in the community as well.

The team set out at about 3:15 pm on Friday, March 3, 2023, with a hired Armed Forces service bus and a truck from Flora/Top Choco loaded with items for Obawale.

At exactly 7:15 pm, all vehicles arrived in Obawale.

On Sunday, March 5, 2023, the team set out to return to Accra at exactly 8:45 am after a successful project.

Hopefully, the second Phase of the project (yet to be confirmed date) will see to the inauguration of a completed constructed mechanized borehole for the community through the help of our partners and benevolent donors.


  1. Kwadwo
  2. Mr. Amissah (Shabby)
  3. David Amon
  4. Obed Adjei
  5. James Appauh
  6. Samuel Saka
  7. Victoria
  8. Francis (New volunteer)
  9. Thomas
  10. Becky
  11. Regina
  12. Ewuraesi
  13. Makafui
  14. Naa
  15. Evelyn
  16. Nora(new volunteer)
  17. 2 doctors for the Eye Screening
  18. 4 persons from FLORA/TOP CHOCO)


Tests conducted for the people included typhoid, malaria, hemoglobin (HB), and urine routine examination.

In total, 108 people were screened. Out of which, 5 tested positive for malaria. There were no recorded cases of typhoid which is quite surprising because of their source of drinking water. Their hemoglobin levels were good.

For the urine R/E, only 80 people were screened and out of that, 3 people had traces of leukocytes. They all had normal indicators for the chemistry parameters.

Eye Screening was also conducted for those who availed themselves to be tested and checked. Some corrective glasses were distributed to the indigenes with eye problems by our doctors.


The education and school supply drive was partnered with and sponsored by Mary (our volunteer in Canada), Accra Premier Lions Club, and Adenta Mountain View Lions Clubs also with support from Top Choco/ Flora.

The aforementioned individual, clubs, and organizations supported YAHFI with books, mathematical sets, and stationery (pencils, pens, erasers, sharpeners, rulers, crayons, etc.)

School bags filled with stationery items were presented to the first two performing students from KG 2 to Class 6.

ALL other children present (OVER 150 KIDS) at the donation were presented with not more than four exercise books each with stationery items.

The remaining items were presented to the headmistress of the school to help replenish the school’s stocks.

A box of storybooks and other school supplies was also presented to the schools.

ALL children present were given snacks and also some refreshments from Top Choco.


For the business development drive, FOUR (4) sewing machines were also donated. The machines were donated by the Lions Club.

The sewing machines were presented to help some individuals start up their sewing businesses as was made known to the Alpha team during scouting.


The team also traveled with clothing pooled together from various benevolent individuals from Accra to be donated.

These items of clothing were donated to the people of Obawale. The Adenta Mountain View and Accra Premier Lions Clubs also brought clothes to augment the collection that had already piled up for donation.

Nana Tiah Ampem Darkoa Mawerehemaa of Apirede Akuapem, who doubles as the founder of the Nana Tiah Ampem Darkoa Foundation also supported the clothing/shoe drive donation with items she also collected from her jurisdiction.

Gallons of liquid soaps, sanitary pads, and diapers were also donated.


We want to say a big thank you to Delta Paper Mill (Flora Tissue) and Nana Tiah Ampem Darkoa Foundation for being the initiators of this project. We want to also thank Drew Pharmacy, Alpha Industries (Top Choco), Desire To Inspire (DTI), Color Studios, Brands Aids, the Lions Club, especially Adenta Mountain View Lions Club, and Accra Premier Lions Club for partnering with us.

We will like to take this opportunity to thank our patrons in the diaspora – Dr. Kyle Rose and Prof. Myra Mable Pérez Rivera.  

The biggest gratitude goes to our team of Volunteers/Members and benevolent persons who donated to support this project or even said a prayer for the success of this project.

This project was successful because of all of your efforts.


We are a team of young and old vibrant individuals in diverse professions who have made a commitment to serve and better the lives of others.

OUR MISSION: To promote healthy living sentience, rally access to health care, and reduce illiteracy among children and other underserved populations in Ghana, exclusively those who live in urban slums and rural areas.

We are driven to these tasks by Sustainable Development Goals 3 and 4.