The You At Heart Foundation International (YAHFI) first came into contact with the Nzulezu community in July 2017 when the team undertook one of its usual health screening, education and community empowerment projects dubbed “HOPE FOR NZULEZU” in the village on stilts. The successful execution of that project on the 2nd of July, 2017 and its findings ( 450 participants – 126 cases of malaria, 80 cases of Typhoid, 120 cases of high blood pressure, no case of bilharzia and diabetes)  also brought to light the urgent need to establish a health post, where basic healthcare emergencies, information and education could be carried out before referrals are made to bigger healthcare facilities elsewhere, thus alleviating the numerous health concerns of its inhabitants. Due to the deprived nature of the community and the sheer fact that the only access to the community is by canoe on the Amanzule waters, no such health facility was previously available.

Following the discovery of such a social limitation, the Board Members and the entire team of Volunteers of YAHFI begun to solicit for funds and sponsorship to establish a sickbay in the community. A distress appeal was extended to a number of dignitaries and well-meaning individuals and organizations who responded positively and provided what means they could afford towards the project.


The You At Heart Foundation International (YAHFI), upon receiving contributions for the project from (Givers Herbal , Desire to Inspire and the Honorable Deputy Minister for Chieftaincy & Religious Affairs and Member of Parliament for the Jomoro Constituency as well as others) embarked on the construction of the Nzulezu Sickbay. The facility has an Out Patient Department, a consulting room, dressing room and resting place and is stocked with furniture, Blood Pressure Apparatus, Thermometer, Weight Scales, Victoria Buckets, medicines for emergency treatments, stationery, wall clock as well as cabinets. There are two community health nurses at post, running shifts all-day and all-night to ensure unlimited access to healthcare.

Apart from the items stated above, life jackets were also donated to be worn by the nurses, patients and canoe operators when there is need for referral outside of Nzulezu.

After the sickbay was completed and adequately furnished, the foundation held an official opening ceremony on Friday the 1st of September, 2017 at 3pm after a rigorous cleanup exercise to rid the community of mosquitoes and filth. The Volunteers participated in removing debris and refuse that had been dumped in the waters under the wooden members on which the community stands. They also spent time to create awareness and education of health and hygiene and the need of keeping the environment clean.

At 3pm on the 1st of September, 2017, the following distinguished guests were received to grace the official opening and handing over of the newly built sickbay:

  1. Nana Kontor Nketiah – Programs Director – YAHFI

  2. Millicent Addae-Mensah –        Head of 3FM

  3. Sylvester Abban – Board Member – YAHFI

  4. Kofi Karikari – Manager – Givers Herbal

The members of the community were made to understand the need to maintain the sickbay and to seek health attention when the need be. Seeing a health worker must never be deferred to a later date with excuses, as they were told to fully patronize the services of the sickbay.

The team which left Accra on Thursday, the 31st of August, 2017 returned to Accra and members to their various residences on Sunday, September 3, 2017.


Nana Kontor Nketiah the Programs Director of You At Heart Foundation International will like to use this medium to appeal to individuals and corporate organizations to come on board and offer partnership and sponsorship to execute more of such community social intervention initiatives and to extend social relief to the less privileged in our societies.


Going forward, You At Heart Foundation International will embark on more projects in other parts go Ghana. (Upper West – Nandum, North Volta -Krachi, Eastern – Akuse, Ashanti – Asamang)Nana Nketiah Dwomoh (President, YAHFI).

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